The G-Snack master series is the latest dual temperature snack/combination machine offering from SandenVendo. Based on the ZEN principle in simplicity and coupled with advanced cutting-edge technology, this machine is exceptionally reliable as a one stop vending solution

The G Series snack machines have many incredibly innovative features such as: 

  • being able to be fitted with an optional elevator system enabling the machine to vend the largest product mix including fresh foods and semi delicate products,
  • being bankable with a slave unit,
  • being able to operate on both cash and cashless payment systems,
  • having a patented fast click spiral positioning system for fastest and most reliable setup,
  • optical vend sensors to ensure every product is reliably vended or the credit is returned,
  • it is illuminated with energy saving LED lighting, for the best possible exposure of its products.
  • For temperature sensitive products the machine also has a health safety feature, that can be turned on or off for different selections, to ensure freshness of these temperature sensitive products.
  • The unit has a patented cooling system based on the latest technology available from Sanden which increases reliability and service life before any intervention is required. 
  • All trays are easily removable without any complex switches or techniques required.

The standard configuration offers 36 selections, however, with the addition of 7th tray, the machine can be setup with a maximum of 56 selections.

The G-Snack with standard configuration is the ONLY machine in the market able to accommodate 3 full trays of 500ml PET bottles (ie 120 buddy bottles)

Watch the G-Snack fitted with Elevator in action here:  https://youtu.be/BVBjlh2D3wc


** Our machines have the capability of being fitted with a Cashless Payment system or a Credit Card System in addition to a Note Reader and Coin Mechanism / Change Giver.