Vue 40

 The Glass Front Vue 40 machine is a versatile machine able to accomodate a wide variety of products.

It can accomodate 40 selections which can be increased to 56 with the addition of 2 trays. 

The Vendor is capable of vending a variety of different products such as:

Energy Drinks in 250ml cans or 500ml bottles

330ml Cans

440ml Cans

500ml PET Bottles

500ml Tropica or Nectar bottles

250ml SuperM bottles

Glass Bottles

The product is fetched from the tray with a 6 finger robotic hand and delivered into the dispense mechanism, as such, this machine can also dispnse glass bottles.  There are SURE VEND Sensors in the delivery bin that monitor if a product is dispensed.  If the sensors don't see the product in the delivery bin, the machine will automaticaly try the selection again.  If a product is still not dispensed, it then refunds the user their money.

The vendor has an electronic temperature control so tha tht edrinks are kept cool at an icy 2 degrees.

The Vue 40 is fitted with the lastest coin mechnaism which accepts coins, gives change and automatically replenishses it's.

We only fit the latest, most advanced and most reliable coin mechanisms and note readers on the market in our machines.

Standard Features include:-

  • Numerous Selections and large capacity
  • Adjustable shelves to accomodate tall or short products
  • Caters for a vast variety of products and different sizes without any additional adjustment
  • Electronic refrigeration control
  • All selections can be individually replaced
  • Automatically gives change and replenishes its own change float
  • Visual display with text and prices
  • Audit Trail and management facilities
  • Discount facilities for different time periods