LEISA (Bean to cup and Instant)


Nanotechnology limescale build-up prevention: Nono-tech is the exclusive technology of Bianchi industry which prevents lime scale build up with superficial nao treatment with cold plasma.  This ecologically clean technology reduces lime scale build up and increases the average life cycle of the treated components.  It will also reduce the amount of maintenance interventions and provide better performance and reliability from the vending cleanliness in the silicone pipes.  Other advantages are improved thermal efficiency of the entire boiler body.

Anti-microbial components:  Bianchi have added a revolutionary bacterialcidal additive to the plastic components in the vending machine which will prevent the proliferation of bacteria on the components which are in contact with water.  This additive has been approved by the relevant authorities in the United States and Europe.  This technology has been applied to vending machines exclusively by Bianchi industry.

Exclusive patented espresso group: Bianchi industry has been a market leader for many years for the quality of espresso coffee delivered through its patented espresso brewing group.  In fact; the Sofia Super-automotica; which incorporates both the espresso group patented by Bianchi as well as the automatic grinding regulation system, has obtained the prestigious espresso Italiano certification for the sensorial quality of the coffee.  The espresso group delivers a continuous extraction of the coffee flavours as well as delivery temperature through electronic temperature management.

Drinks per fill - ± 120 cups (depending on cup size)

Bean-to-cup version: 12 beverages selections to choose from: 

  • Bean-to-cup espresso
  • Bean-to-cup black coffee
  • Bean-to-cup white coffee
  • Bean-to-cup cappuccino
  • Bean-to-cup caffe latte
  • Bean-to-cup moccacino
  • Bean-to-cup espressochoc
  • Hot chocolate
  • Strong chocolate
  • Milky chocolate
  • Hot water
  • Soup