Vending Paris

SandenVendo recently had a stand at Vending Paris 2017.

How beautiful are the Design Line range of machines?

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A Combination Vending Machine that fits through a SINGLE DOOR

Our newly launched G-Snack SC8 Combination vending machine is a Modular System Vending machine designed and manufactured by SandenVendo.

This machine is a full capacity combination vending machine with the most exciting feature being its ability to fit through a single door.

The cabinet side of the machine separates from the control side of the machine for easy access to those areas which were inaccessible in the past.

This machine has 24 selections for cold drinks, 8 selections for candy (sweets & chocolates) and 8 selections for chips and is the only machine on the market able to accommodate 3 trays of buddy bottles and still remain a 6 tray machine.


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SandenVendo G-Cafe ED7 has landed in South Africa

The G-Caffé ED7 is a double boiler free standing coffee machine with up to 22 hot beverage selections.  This stunning machine is the first coffee machine from SandenVendo and was designed in total fusion of Japanese technology and Italian craftsmanship. 

With a 1000 cup capacity, this machine is user friendly, has no brass on board (The water circuit is 100% heavy metal free) and includes the Vendo “all-in-one site drawer” for easy maintenance.

 This machine has a professional coffee brewer and grinder, high capacity double column stirrer dispenser and an innovative capacitive keypad.

Another exciting feature about the G-Caffé ED 7 is its ability to be banked with a G-Snack Slave unit enabling you to provide a total refreshment solution to your customers or staff members. 

Why SandenVendo Equipment?

Dynamic Vending are proud to be the Distributor of SandenVendo vending machines in Africa.

As we pride ourselves on giving our customers the most reliable vending machines available in the market and after careful consideration of our environment, we found SandenVendo to be the best quality machines available.

SandenVendo are by far the global leaders holding over 30% of the global vending market.  

The vending machines have full audit capabilities and are exceptionally user friendly.

These top quality vending machines are fully customisable with the change of a few motors and/or spirals.

SandenVendo are constantly striving to "out do" themselves by tweaking their vending equipment in line with new market trends and requirements.  This is evident in their brand new modular system design for both the G-Drink and G-Snack models allowing easy access of these vending machines into buildings with single door entry.  Another industry first is their Vertical-Rail system introduced on the G-Drink machine reducing service calls.  This system allows the catcher to slide over a product that has dropped by accident without hindering the catchers movement.

Don't want to be left behind with old technology machines?  Looking for a good looking, reliable, user friendly machine with audit capabilities?


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Weird and Wonderful Machines from around the world

Check out this live crab machine found in China. This machine apparently sells up to 200 crabs per day

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SandenVendo at Venditalia

SandenVendo displayed at Venditalia, where they launched numerous new innovative products.


To start with, an eye-catching Glass Front Vending machine equipped with a 64 inch transparent LCD touch panel with inter-active features.  This machine entertained the visitors with a charming inter-active animal shown on the screen.  This next generation joint-venture project involved 7 Japanese companies with each company providing their latest technologies to realize the most unique and incredible Vending machine. The potential of this machine will be to use as communication tool which gives thousands of marketing and promotion opportunities.

Another new vending machine, G-Drink 3D was equally popular among the visitors. It was developed based on SandenVendo's famous catcher mechanism drink vendor G-Drink, with a brilliant finger selection technology. No key pad, rather you select the product by pointing your finger in front of the product! Blue LED illumination reflecting on crystal transparent shelves gives a luxury look, very different from the ordinary vending machine. 

More breaking news from SandenVendo was the launch of the brand new "Design" line. This new line includes the first ever Coffee Vending machine under the SandenVendo brand along with G-Drink and G-Snack with an elegant new door design.

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