G-Cafe ED7 Freestanding Coffee Machine

The G-Caffé ED7 is a double boiler free standing coffee vending machine with up to 22 hot beverage selections.  This stunning machine is the first coffee machine from SandenVendo and was designed in total fusion of Japanese technology and Italian craftsmanship.

With a 1 000 cup capacity, this machine is user friendly, has no brass on board (The water circuit is 100% heavy metal free) and includes the Vendo “all-in-one site drawer” for easy maintenance.  The machine dispenses both a cup and a stirrer for each hot beverage selected so there is no need to keep these consumable items beside the machine.

This machine has a professional coffee brewer and grinder, high capacity double column stirrer dispenser and an innovative capacitive keypad.

Our machines have been imported with a double grinder allowing you to dispense 2 different types of coffee.

Our G-Cafe ED7 with numeric selection can be banked with a G-Snack Slave unit for a complete vending solution including coffee, cold drinks, candy and chips.

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